Day 115 / Thanks To All The Heroes In Charge


I just want to say thanks to all the higher primates for coming together and saving the world. I'd say they should wear capes and tights from now on if they all didn't look so spiffy in their expensive suits. Imagine! Another 11th hour save! 

You'd almost think they did this kind of thing on purpose.  

I would never posit such a consideration myself, but I could imagine the suspicion being drawn given the recent history of this government. I'm not saying that anyone would be so foolish as to believe the primates on both aisles sit up there in the branches hatching these schemes together and then playing it out like some kind of democratic WWE smack down.  

No. Nothing so orchestrated and conspiratorial as that. I merely suggest that some primates, other than me, might consider that those who brought this about in the first place do so only for the publicity and air time it gets them with the chimps on TV. So much coverage. So much branding and character finessing.

Careers in the making you see.  

Who is so and so and how did he rise to power? Let's talk to his grade seven high school math teacher who claims he was a genius. Then we'll show you an assortment of products you don't need that'll stop a problem with your legs you don't have with a series of potential side effects that you really really  don't want. Now lets show you a montage of him on a dirt bike and in a wrestling jumpsuit.

And billions of dollars were wasted and millions of lives were affected. Primates everywhere were inconvenienced at best and put in mortal danger at worst. All so the new higher primates can strut their stuff and flex their muscles in front of the masses. Yikes. That would be a horrible way to see things and I'm glad you and I don't suffer from that delusion.  

I'm glad we're lucky enough to be living out our lives with heroes in charge. People who are able to put their differences aside and decide to go back to work and dialogue like adults and decide to get around to paying for things they've already purchased. Men and women of substance. Integrity. 

As I said, capes and tights. The lot of them.  

I just hope they have some new things to say in February when it all happens again. If not might I suggest just replaying all the footage from this last self imposed crisis and go on vacation somewhere warm.  

At least then they'll have some plausible excuse for all those tans.