Day 112 / Food For Days...


Thanksgiving in this forest is not the same as having it in the north. Mostly because today... isn't their Thanksgiving. When it's their day it's amazing. Trust me. I've done some dinners here and they've been phenomenal. Fully comparable holiday, just on a different day. But celebrating the Canadian version on American soil just doesn't have the same feel. 

I've eaten entirely too much. If there's not a full grown turkey inside I'd be shocked. And pie and yams and stuffing. Stuffing; aptly named food. This entry is taking me forever because my eyes just suddenly glaze over as I'm typing and my fingers go still. I stay in that near comatose state for a good five or six minutes. Then my heart stops and I am stunned into action.
Even my dog just burped. And he didn't even have any turkey food stuffs. Is it possible I've transferred some of my indigestion to him? Does quantum entanglement have anything to do with it? Or did I just eat so much he is experiencing sympathy pains? A physical manifestation of the psychic damage caused by the amount of gluttonous stimulation his eyes took in tonight? Sadly, I may never know.  

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because there's good food and you don't have to get dressed up in something stupid or do anything too themed. It's cool to just show up with food, dump it on the table with everything else, and go chill with friends for the day. Then stuff your faces and sit around talking or digesting or both or neither. It's great. 

It's not Christmas of course. Christmas is better. Christmas is thanksgiving with presents and a giant tree in the middle of your house. Obviously it's a bigger day, what with Christ being born and all. He did way more than any of the pilgrims ever did. Johnny Appleseed was a bitch next to Jesus. You know what I'm saying.  

But there's a quickness to Thanksgiving that I enjoy as well. It's really whatever you want it to be. It's much more acceptable to have a quiet thanksgiving with just your immediate family so the annoying relatives you're forced to see on Christmas aren't around. That's a big plus. The meal can be elaborate or simple. But it's just the day. Two at most and if you're lucky. Then we get on with our lives.  

Which I will go and do right now. If you're a Canadian primate please have a very enjoyable rest of your holiday. And if you are American please go about your very regular day where you probably didn't get to eat an awesome turkey dinner.  

Or you did and you have no respect for tradition.