Day 109 / Do you ever wonder about all this?


Do you ever just take a step back from the games and jobs and sex and dog walking and moving picture boxes and smoking and sports and wonder about Everything? Not any one thing in particular mind you, but everything. All of IT: the one thing we can all be reasonably certain we have in common. The fact that we are all part of Everything. The entirety of the Entire. The Universe. Reality. God. Energy. Matter.


Whatever concoction of letters and grunts you care to use to represent it. 


It can safely be said for each of us, I presume, that we are pretty certain of this fact. That there is a me and a world I move through. Right? That's easy enough. There is an I and an it; that thing or combination of things, depending on your perspective, that you experience while consciously touching, smelling, tasting, hearing and seeing everything else out there. 


Your interaction with the great It happens every second of your conscious experience. But at no point do you ever have the sense that the coffee mug you are holding is ever a part of the you that has decided to drink from it. And therein lies the very interesting separation. Unless perhaps you do feel that way about your mug. Who am I to pre judge your relationship? Maybe you and your coffee mug have been through a lot together and would appreciate some respect. Done. 


But for most of us I think, we do feel a very real sense that we are separate from the outside world and likely have a hard time imagining it any other way. Of course it's me against the world. That's all we ever know. We're raised in the duality. It's in our meat. And so our whole lives there is a very clear distinction between our inner selves and the outer world.


Such an interesting situation isn't it? All the billions of clever primates running around in the middle of a space feeling separate from each other and the everything else. And all the while made from the very same stuff and subject to the very same rules. There's an illusion quite inherent in that consideration I think. 

And though I have no way of ever knowing what that really is it's quite nice to wonder at it sometimes. To take it all in and consider the underlying mystery to the world. Which, when you consider reality in the above terms, is really nothing more than the Universe sitting around on a lazy Thursday wondering at itself. 

Not an entirely blasphemous way to put it I don't think.

I suppose I'm improving on that front at least.