Day 448: Deep Woods Disconnectedness

My internet connection sucks. I bought photoshop yesterday and it simply won’t download onto my desktop. It took six hours to download 17% of it yesterday and when I went back on to check today it had failed and I had to start all over again. 

Strike one for mountain living. 

Strike two came when I tried to look up some meditation classes in the area, hoping that perhaps a group practice would spur me toward a more consistent practice of my own, but the only one I could find was in Halifax. I think driving an hour and forty five minutes one way, and then back, would probably cancel out any of the benefits of sitting quietly and focusing on my breath for an hour so it looks like that plan is a bust too! 

I have no one to blame but myself of course, as it was my idea to relocate us to a place where even the animals move a lot slower, so I won’t get too overly upset at my lack of options. I also think I need to focus on the benefits of living out here -benefits I have been taking advantage I should add- and should focus more on what I can do right now; peace and quiet being first and foremost of those advantages. Well, there’s not a lot of peace and quiet when you have a baby in the house I suppose, especially one of Blaze’s pedigree (he NEVER stops) but overall living out here is a lot more soothing on the nerves than in LA, with none of the distractions of a sudden call to go audition for a shitty menthos commercial to screw up your day, mood, and confidence. 

Instead of getting frustrated over these things I don’t have access to, I should, of course, be focusing on the things I do have access to and see what I can do about moving forward on those endeavours while simply doing my best with the other ones. The memory work (yes, I’m beating a dead horse here) is something I need to get locked into, a skill that will help me in EVERY OTHER endeavour I could aspire toward, and living out here is the perfect chance for me to do that. 

Also, obviously, the writing. I’ve got a great little office with a view of the ocean (if you can see through trees) and an even more exceptional partner in crime who keeps me alive with fantastic cooking and an exceptional ability to rear children. So again, nothing to complain about and no excuses for not getting shit done!

My guess is the amount of time I’m spending building a framework to allow me to memorize information at greater speed and with greater fidelity, when I’ve completed what I need to do, will then quite naturally be filled up by some other practice I’m interested in. I’m guessing that once I’m confident in my new techniques I’ll want to go out a lot more, take more trips, and will be freed up to take the family all over the place in the pursuit of as many teachers as I want.  

But one thing at a time. 

The good thing about the internet, even out here -aside from trying to download anything more than about 12kb’s!- is that I’m able to stream video well enough and have access to pretty much any information I can conceive of. Kind of puts the teachers you’re looking for right in your home after all, doesn’t it? An article I read on meditation just this morning makes that exact point, and the author gives the names and websites of plenty of teachers for this very thing, each one with hours and hours of lectures and other talks that should give me all the pointers I need to get started. I don’t think it substitutes for a practice in a regular group among other people, people you can talk to and get pointers from, but then beggars can’t be choosers. And no doubt, when I’m actually ready for a teacher, as the spiritual saying goes, one will appear. 

Nothing like a little rant on mediation to get an early blog entry started. 

We all slept much better last night I’m happy to report. To my knowledge, no one was bitten by a tick, though I haven’t checked my ass crack in a good twenty minutes, and even Blaze managed to sleep through the night. I abandoned my late night work session last night and decided instead to go to bed earlier; not that 11pm is an early time to go to bed, especially as a new parent, but compared to my comedy days it pretty much makes me an early bird. As a result we all got up in a much better mood today and though I can’t speak for the other two, mostly because they’re once again conked out for a noon hour nap right now, I feel much more energized and well rested. 

Today I’ll keep pushing hard to finish the scene I’m writing for my ex-bro Falk, a project we’re embarking on because both of us are at a point in our lives/careers when we’re sick of waiting for other people to get shit done and would prefer to just do it all ourselves. It’s just a little scene, the one I’m writing for him, based on the locations and assets he’s told me he has access to right now. That’s always been my feeling anyway, that you write around what you already have access to; the people and places and props, instead of vice versa. When you do that then it’s a much faster route between imagined concept and finished product, than it would be if you wrote something completely out there and then have to hire someone to go out and find you a Sherman Tank and Siberian Tiger. 

We have a horse. A trailer park. A bathtub. And two professional actors, not to mention all the equipment we need to get it done. Using those assets I’ve concocted what I think is a pretty great little scene between two characters that both of my actors will be chomping at the bit to play. I have the first draft done already, I just have to clean it up, put it in proper format, and then ship it off to Falk to see what he thinks. He’ll likely give me some notes, as the whole thing was his idea, and then we’ll go from there. 

Meantime, once I’ve sent it off to him I’m going to start work on my other two writing projects, the pilot episode of my comedy series and the pilot episode of my science fiction series. Speaking of which, I’m supposed to be catching up with Amanda Tapping this week for a Skype chat about that very project; though if she’s willing, I would have a part for her in both. Keep your friends close and your enemies.. Well, forget about them. 

There are no external enemies anyway. 

So there’s a lot of work to get done today. Thankfully, I will have no distractions as there’s literally NOTHING up here to do other than work and eat and sleep. I really shouldn’t complain much I suppose. As I said, this was my idea after all. And if it was my idea then no doubt it’s exactly where I need to be right now. So I’ll put thoughts of becoming a meditation guru, aikido master, and rubber limbed yogi out of my head until I finish the work I need to get done now. 

Have a good day munks. 

Yap at you tomorrow.