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12.06.05 #Medwood

12.06.05 #Medwood



It was a tough one today friends and fellow space travellers. I actually thumbed 'rough' there, but it subbed in 'tough'.  

Both apply.  

The little one had daddy's number today. I'll freely admit it. Openly and happily. Well, happily in as non-attached way as possible.

You know how that Buddhist stuff goes I'm sure. Given that you can buy a copy of him, all lotus-positioned up in various heights, styles and belly sizes, in any local drug or hardware store. 

Amazing that, the explosive synergism of culture within geographically separated societies. Modernism at its best. 

But back to my 13 pound son over matching me at just under three months of age.  

Le sigh...

He's a bit of a fussy Gus, I must say. He has descended into a spiralling vortex of wiggling limbs and gas.

We're going to try him on some 'new' formula this week. And then, if necessary, some med'cine (as my Nanny would pronounce it). The pediatrician recommended a specific gut salve so we do, at least, have a plan in place. 

Obviously his health and comfort are the highest priority. ...but also, we gotta settle him down man! For the sake of both our sanitizes and the various frequencies of sound we will never hear again; if you believe the old wives tales about the ringing in your ears after leaving a loud concert. And how you never hear that.. well anyway. You follow me I'm sure. 

Daddy, you see, has been itching to do two things lately. 1) Work, as always, and, also, 2) kick the shit out of my heating system!

We're getting to know each other, you see. In a very intimate way. And all the while I am slowly becoming a scientist!  

A recorder of experience and experiment! And now synergizing -there's that word again-  the PAO with the whole process. And those pesky # things which are really just symbols that represent the connection of words into a single image or story.  

And also, finally becoming more familiar with the app known as Evernote.  

It seems to be a veritable paradise for heavy note takers, which I am rapidly becoming. You can take pictures and make notes on them. You can use a reminder feature. A list maker, an audio file ~of particular interest to me at present.  

And on and on. I'm only just now scratching the surface of what it can do. Slowly but surely the organism is clawing its way up over the ego that won't seem to relinquish its hold on control of the appendages! 

We're getting there people. Control. Mindfullness in its most productive state. 

But I got ahead of myself. I worked toward the end of the day.

Once Blaze finally settled down today, around 2:30... and Grammy was able to take him so Jeannette could sleep.. I dashed off to the house to get as much wood in as I could before it got dark. 

Tired as I was I didn't do too much but was happy with the amount I pulled in given the time and temperature involved.  

'Twas' mighty cold by the Bay I'll say today.

It took a lot longer to get the house warmed up this time but I've at least mastered the art of starting one. But there was also a big difference in outside temp. -2C instead of 11C. 

After I got that sorted out I got to work with Evernote and trying to get a system organized that I can share with my mother in realtime so she can dictate whatever needs dictating.  

Easy peasie.  

I'm quite excited about the system I've worked out. Still some kinks I'm sure, and as always the ability to mindfully use the system throughout the day will be the trick. But the phone can help with that. 

What are these things if not personal assistants of a kind? 

Just imagine what Newton would have done with a computer! 

My time has reached an end for tonight. Tomorrow, ...something will happen. I've wiped all plans from my head. 

At least I continue to learn.