0239 "Day Off"

The organism had the day to itself today. My companion and offspring were both out for the day; Jeannette doing errands and Blazey strapped to his grandmother. 

Apparently he was a little fussy with her today as well. So he's not playing both sides of the fence (might not be an actual saying). He's just going through a little growth spurt I think. 

But whatever! Who gives a shit! Today I was on my own with the whole afternoon to think and work and Blaze with all his growth spurting fussiness was with me ma. 

I'm getting there. I can say that with a certainty. As to the details of what that means, I can't accurately say. There's no map to follow on this little treasure hunt I'm on. 

I also watched the news, which is rarely a good decision when one is trying to stay focused. I would have been better served putting my head under the garage door to see if the sensor would stop it before it guillotines me. 

The government is up to its usual antics. MP's allegedly assaulting other MP's ..somehow.. and another showering himself with campaign money ~ then defiantly refusing to step down, then bawling like a child when he realized he could step down voluntarily and would then get to keep his pension. 

Not to mention the one year VISA ban the government put on people who come from Ebola stricken Africa countries. The World Health Organization is rightly asking for the reasons behind that knee-jerk decision. 

We're not the only country to do this of course. I believe North Korea has also banned people from Africa out right. So we're in good company there. 

And then in the US the Republicans have taken control of the house and Obama has been pretty much abandoned by the American people and also by his own party.  

A far cry from the hope and change speeches he rode into White House on.  

I don't doubt his sincerity. I simply agree with the sentiment that he's more a writer than a politician.

Which isn't to say that a writer couldn't lead a nation. Just not a nation so entranced and enamoured by lip service from slick talking egotists like in the current US political system.. which we're seeing more and more in Canada now as well.  

Grim news guys. Literally. The news is grim. But as always the question becomes are things as bad as they seem on the news? Or does the news amplify the bad in the world to make things look even worse for whatever their particular agenda is?

But things sure feel like things are slipping, while at the same time we're coming together in ridiculous ways that make geographical location an almost obsolete concern. 

It'll be interesting to see what happens. With regards to all of it. But I currently have a baby on my chest and it's time to go to bed. 

Oh, I also took a moonlit walk down to the water tonight. The moon was crazy bright and I only needed the flashlight in the woods a couple of times. I didn't need the stick at all. I'd been hoping to get down there at night for a while. It was good to finally make it. 

Have a good night guys.