0226: "Randomness"



I'll be spending the night in the basement with Blaze. On our own.
Jeannette needs some rest so I'm sending her up to bed so she can get some sleep. 

I don't know what that means for me personally, ladies and gentlemen. All I know is that the kid hasn't poo'd in hours and if the last couple of nights are any indication I may have to get out the garden hose and just throw his soiled clothes into the furnace. 

I think it'll be okay. I seem to be capable of calming him down lately, so even if he gets super fussy daddy thinks he's got it handled. 

I do it through a series of physical distractions that I think just bewilder him. He wants to cry but by the time he figures out the pattern of what I'm doing with him I've already switched it up and we're doing something else. 

It's quite effective. 

I'm quite tired though, I'll admit to that. We haven't been sleeping much but I think this new strategy will work better. I'll be up tonight with him and then I'll sleep tomorrow when Jeannette can take him. My mom might stop by as well. Always helpful. 

I have some lectures to listen to, if I can't sleep. There's a whole season of the Black List, which I was more impressed with the first season. But likely I'll just try to sleep whenever the little monkey is awake or, you know, shitting all over my world. 

Jeannette was a little bummed out tonight. She went back to the doctor and he told her that it's looking like she'll have to have another surgery. That'll be three. Understandably she's upset, but it's more the fact that she's physically uncomfortable most of the time that's got her a bit down as well. 

Add to that the fact that she's not sleeping and it's not hard to understand why occasionally spirits can get a little low. 

I do what I can for her, but at the end of the day, these are all things she'll have to wrap her head around. Otherwise, the spiral takes over and you just get angry or depressed all the time.

Not her though. I'm not concerned about that. She's got too good a head on her shoulders. 

I think she just needs a good sleep and maybe a couple of days where daddy and perhaps grammy do most of the heavy lifting. 

No doubt she's missing her own mom, as am I. Ottawa isn't very far away compared to Los Angeles, but when you're feeling down and could use some time with your mom it's on the other side of the world. 

It's amazing how much your world shuts down when you have a new baby in the house. Perhaps it's different when you have the second one, as you've already been through it all and have the patterns down; after the first one has fully broken your spirit and you have nothing left to give the ones that follow.

Perhaps then it's easier. But right now, it's Blaze all day every day.

Speaking of the little squealing monkey, today marks the first day of his entry into this world. His one month.. birthday. (Yes, I'm that dad) And by the way things are shaping up he's going to mark the occasion by dropping an unreasonable amount of poo form me to deal with. Bless his wee little heart...

I just head a massive explosion from his nether region.